One-on-One Visits: Butterflies

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Anyone else feel like they can RELATE to the caterpillar in that proverb? We know the “butterfly” days of free movement and hugs and group activities are coming, but no one can predict when they will be safe for the seniors in your care.

Butterflies symbolize hope. While Activity Professionals are required to be warriors protecting our beloved elders and morale officers encouraging staff, you are also ambassadors of hope, now more than ever. This is exactly why The Purple Primer is busy helping you bring a bigger world full of learning to your seniors.

When your seniors engage, connect and learn something new, self-esteem improves, world view opens up, and suddenly their environment is a little more hopeful. So these bundles will continue to come your way, to help encourage learning through multiple layers. A reading, some botany, art appreciation, and maybe even a snack!

We could all use a deep breath and a glimmer of hope right now. So, let’s look to the butterflies.

TIPS: Read and discuss the Primer. This One-On-One includes some cool science, a short art appreciation and some sweet note cards to color in and share with family who may not be able to visit. * If possible, purchase some Little Debbie Butterfly Cakes to offer during the visit.