You might not be on Cloud nine these days. Let’s face it times are tough.

The best gift we can give seniors right now is to help them adapt to this changing situation. One of the big benefits of learning new things is that it is ACTIVE.  It isn’t a “spectator sport” like watching TV. Learning helps the brain adapt to new situations more quickly as neurons begin to fire faster.

At The Purple Primer, we want seniors to thrive, not just be entertained. Lifelong learning is essential to feeling interested in life and helps build confidence. These are traits that will see us through this difficult time.

If there is a silver lining in this cloudy situation, it might be this: Active learning vs passive entertainment is proving to be a game-changer for seniors battling isolation and depression.

Let’s look to the clouds this week. Have meaningful scientific discussions. Explore the skies.

These bundles will continue to come your way, to help encourage learning in your community.

TIPS: Begin by reading and discussing the Primer on Clouds. This One-On-One includes some cool science, poetry and a neat hands-on activity that can be left behind to reinforce the lesson.

* If possible, purchase some little meringue cookies (clouds) to offer during the visit.