Let’s face it, this pandemic has turned you into a pineapple.

Activity Pros are rising to the challenge of providing the pizazz for seniors during an incredibly difficult time.  It requires you to be tough on the outside and sweet on the inside – like pineapples.

Engage, connect and learn; that’s a solid goal for getting through to the other side.  We remain committed to helping you reach those goals with our One-0n-One bundles to help boost in-room visits.

We know that coloring books and word-searches can only captivate seniors for so long. That’s where layered learning helps! If you’re a subscriber, you have all the tools for this at your fingertips. Choose a Primer topic, and cherry pick a few “portable” activities from each. And “Voila!” – you have physical engagement reinforced with cognitive exercise.

Or stay with the bundles found in our blog. We aren’t going anywhere, and will continue to serve this community for as long as it takes with FREE downloadable activities.

Do you have colleagues who haven’t subscribed? Let them know about the free content on our blog. We are all in this together.

Here’s to you pineapples – we believe in you!!!

TipsWe recommend reading the Primer during room visits. Next, discuss the reading. This One-on-One includes a short art appreciation piece and a coloring sheet that can be left behind to reinforce the lesson. * If possible, fresh pineapple to share is an amazing way to round-out these activities.