ou know who isn’t worried about the Coronavirus? Birds! …let’s follow their lead, shall we?

The Purple Primer is offering a series of one on one activities that share the theme of nature. Nature can provide calm and a connection to the larger world. We feel strongly about supporting those feelings.

Birds brighten even the gloomiest of days, their songs serenade us from just out the window, bringing with them much needed hope and joy. They also offer a terrific learning opportunity.

While it is important to leave items for independent pursuits with seniors, be sure to truly connect during your 1:1 time. Activities that offer a gentle cognitive workout not only help pass the time but leave seniors with improved mood. Learning new things, especially during these new circumstances, will improve the outlook of the seniors in your community as they connect to the larger world.

Tips: We recommend doing the first activity with your seniors, which includes reading and discussing a piece of poetry. Then leaving the second activity with them to reinforce learning through a Primer reading and coloring page.

Download PDF: One on one visits with Birds