Studying history is important because it provides us with insight into our own culture and cultures that we might not be familiar with. History is not just about remembering dates and events. History is about better understanding the world in which we live.

When seniors learn about history it encourages opinion and conversation. This can lead to relief from loneliness and help seniors form bonds. A robust discussion involving history can give seniors an opportunity to practice communicating in a way that is meaningful.

Right now, we are working to help seniors adapt to this current situation. Learning new things keeps the brain flexible, making it easier to readjust to this changing environment. Keep the connection, discussion and learning ALIVE in your community with these One-on-One bundles.

Let’s all take this advice from an old Cowboy; “Just ’cause trouble comes visiting doesn’t mean you have to offer it a place to sit down.”

 The reading and discussion provided in this lesson work well with small groups or one on one. Take time to read the primer and discuss the topic. Allow opportunities for seniors to share what they know about the subject. Consider pairing this bundle with some Country and Western tunes and a good stretch.

Downloadable Activity: One on One – Cowboys