While everyone is doing their best at making room visits the new normal (for a little while anyway) it is important to continue to provide seniors with a sense of connection to the world around them.

Appreciating nature offers a terrific way to boost morale. Nature has been found to help relieve anxiety and depression, and that’s exactly what needs to happen right now.
So, while your schedule might not allow time for outside visits, bring some of the beauty of nature to your seniors.

The Purple Primer will have some nature-themed room visit offerings for you over the coming days. Beginning with this one: Oranges. Buy a bag of easy-to-peel oranges, and you’re on your way!

Tips: We recommend doing the first activity with your seniors, which includes some sensory, stretching, and fun facts about Oranges. Then leaving the second activity with them to reinforce this idea through an Art Studio activity.

Activity: One-on-One with an Orange