This One-on-One printable is meant to help activity staff provide calm and connection during room visits.

These activities will help ease the feelings of isolation that can have a negative mental and physical impact. Consider the idea of ‘Sheltering in Nature’ by offering a gentle cognitive workout that has a focus on daffodils.

Learning new things, especially during these circumstances, will improve the outlook of the seniors in your community as they connect to the larger world.

Bunches of daffodils are available at most grocery stores and are inexpensive. Pick up a few on your next trip and bring Spring to your seniors.

A live daffodil offers a cheerful sensory experience, which is beneficial when seniors are spending extra time on tv, electronic devices and word-searches.

Tips: We recommend discussing the activities with your seniors. This One-on-One includes a short science lesson, a poem to read aloud, and a short art appreciation piece. Next, leave seniors with the daffodil to color to reinforce the lesson.