The Purple Primer FAQs

Ha ha! We get this a lot! The Purple Primer (Primer rhymes with swimmer) is modeled on the School Primers of yesteryear. They were small books that contained education on one subject. Since many people in residence remember their school primers, this format is a natural. Our use of Purple is a nod of respect for all those touched by Alzheimer’s. Purple is the official color of the Alzheimer’s movement.

While each activity is a great stand-alone learning opportunity, these bundles are designed specifically to promote Layered Learning.

When we engage with one topic in a number of different ways, our neural pathways light up and create more meaningful learning, not only of new information, but we reignite pathways of things remembered. This leads to improved self-esteem, greater sense of community, and is the magic bullet against isolation and depression. Because when we learn as a group, we always have something to talk about.

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Each topic we present has been thoroughly researched and the activities have been created to work together to create enhanced learning. Each bundle includes:

Two to four Readings. These are the backbone of the study, and create an interactive learning environment. Here you’ll present facts and concepts that encourage participation based on lived experience, opinion and shared discourse.

An Eye for Art. This is the art appreciation segment and works beautifully for memory care and independent living alike. Here we learn about art created during or about the topic. It includes several pages of artwork to print out and share or to project.

Whip This Up! Every study includes one or two recipes that are relevant to the topic, easy to make, and offer food for thought.

World of Words. Close to our hearts, these activities provide a wonderful way for seniors to reach for words, engage with poetry, problem solve as a group, and have fun using language.

Person of Interest. In this activity you will present information about a person who intersects with the topic. This person may be well known or more obscure, but will seek to expand our understanding of the topic.

Makers Studio. Here we include a creative, topic-related, hands-on activity to share with your group. These activities are perfect for beginner or experienced artists.

Good Ideas. We use this section to spark your creativity. You will find ideas and information for Book Clubs, Men’s Groups, research topics for learning together, adult coloring references, relevant music selections, and much more.

Printables. You asked, we answered. Here you will find a printable poster for promoting the topic in your community, a Certificate of Completion for your Lifelong Learners, and a handy checklist so you can choose and gather what you need ahead of time.

Absolutely. Learning about the life of Queen Elizabeth or the exotic animals living in Australia can elicit a sense of wonder and well-being. There is a notable increase in sense of self when a person is learning something new.

Even if they won’t remember the information in an hour, that’s OK. During the program, that person felt valued, and that is enough.

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