30-day Challenge

30-day Challenge Have you ever challenged yourself to adopt a healthy habit (or give up an unhealthyone) for 30 days? A 30-day Challenge allows you

‘Active Aging’

Active Aging We’re usually pretty up-beat around here, but I’ve got a nit to pick, and I think it’s time to share it. Here goes: 

How to Rekindle the Spark

How to Rekindle the Spark We hear a LOT about burnout in this field. And it’s real. It is a state of physical, emotional and

One-on-One Visits: Route 66

Conversation is a tool that builds relationships. You may have noticed that you are having fewer real conversations during this time of physical distancing. It’s

One-on-One Visits: Cowboys

Studying history is important because it provides us with insight into our own culture and cultures that we might not be familiar with. History is

Diversion Burnout

Way back in March, we hoped that this Novel Coronavirus would be a memory by the end of April. That is not how things played

​The Art of Cherry-Picking

Cherry Picking: the practice of choosing the most beneficial from what is available. With Activity Professionals over-extended during this pandemic, and programming turned upside down

One-on-One: Clouds

You might not be on Cloud nine these days. Let’s face it times are tough. The best gift we can give seniors right now is

One-on-One Visits: Daffodils

This One-on-One printable is meant to help activity staff provide calm and connection during room visits. These activities will help ease the feelings of isolation

One-on-One: Butterflies

One-on-One Visits: Butterflies “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” -Proverb Anyone else feel like they can RELATE to

One-on-One: Pineapples

Let’s face it, this pandemic has turned you into a pineapple. Activity Pros are rising to the challenge of providing the pizazz for seniors during

One-on-One Visits: Peanuts

The power of lifelong learning comes from its ability to take a person outside of their own circumstances for a time, and transport them back

One-on-One Visits: Geology

One-on-one Visits: Geology Has anyone told you how much you rock lately? Well, you do. This month we are working to help seniors stay connected.

One-on-One Visits: Birds

ou know who isn’t worried about the Coronavirus? Birds! …let’s follow their lead, shall we? The Purple Primer is offering a series of one on

One-on-One with an Orange

While everyone is doing their best at making room visits the new normal (for a little while anyway) it is important to continue to provide

Point to Ponder: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One-on-One Visits: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Enjoy this FREE print-out celebrating the life of the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Downloadable Activity: What is a Jabot?