30-day Challenge

Have you ever challenged yourself to adopt a healthy habit (or give up an unhealthy
one) for 30 days? A 30-day Challenge allows you the opportunity to see what comes
from a month of doing something consistently.

Let’s set a 30-day Challenge for Lifelong Learning! We know that Lifelong Learning
is critical for a robust activity program, so how can you challenge yourself to include
learning every single day for 30 days? Read on!

When learning about one topic is approached through different modalities (reading,
cooking, making art) facts and ideas connect with one another and deeper learning
happens. That’s why The Purple Primer is set up the way that it is- when we
reinforce ideas, the ability of the brain to grasp concepts ramps up.

Here are a few action steps that will get you started on a 30-day Challenge:

Pick a start date and commit! How about the first of next month?

Next, choose your topic (there are several to choose from if you are a subscriber!)

Not a subscriber yet? Check out our free study called Destination: The Netherlands
download that here!

Then, plan it out. Each Primer has 8 or more activities that relate to one topic.
There are so many creative ways to add these activities to your calendar. For

Hang a new piece of the art (included in the study) in a central area each week. Ask
seniors to spend time with the art. If memorizing the title and artist is not possible,
noticing color and style is a valuable activity.

Open up a Learning Corner and break up the readings in the study into 15-minute

Talk it up; let your team know that the goal will be to learn something new each
day. Invite them to learn along with you. Let seniors know that you value them and
have confidence in their ability to rise to the challenge. Learning is a great
confidence booster!

Notice: After 30 days of making this your focus, your Lifelong Learning program will
build momentum. Your seniors may begin asking what you will be learning about
next month. Your team may get a shot in the arm. Your daily attendance will only go